$     A fine baking or butcher's table, built right here at GREEN SPOT

A fine baking or butcher's table, built right here at GREEN SPOT

Normally we do not build anything here with new lumber. The exception is when a past customer ask us specifically to apply our skills to help them fill their needs.
IN this case the client brought us a partially started project he wished us to finish for him. It’s a maple butcher block top table.
It started with the butcher block top, already glued, and a few strips of walnut. Add to this some olf 4 by 4 lumber, all bent and out of square.
He told us the dimensions, and need to avoid wall mouldings, and the look, and we took it from there.
The result is quite nice, functional.
Note: the heavy shelf at the bottom is thick to add counterbalance to the table as it is only about 18 inches deep at the sides and can tip if not properly constructed (unless you want to attach it to a wall !)
So, yes, we do all sorts of custom work here, and occasionally even NEW… but I do prefer to work with old, aged, well patinated woods and parts.
Got an idea, got old parts? wanna buy old parts to make something cool ? need a builder? just call me, Vince, here at Green Spot Antiques…. it might just do the trick.

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