$     A fine old organ now a beautiful DESK. Wood, Guelph, Ontario. Celest and Cremona organ

Another nice little organ came in.
Fantastic columns, carved, and decorations.
Center estouche with harp and floral carvings, and made of solid walnut.
Too good for the dump…. not possible to restore as an organ… so it became a desk, in our skillful hands we find ourselves proud to offer you this wonderful desk.
Great for laptop or tablet usage, with some storage space on top, a tilting top, and all original stamps, serial numbers, and pulls and nameplate.
Below are two doors cut out from the original panels.
Have a look at the before and after shots here, Up for sale online already…. so have a peek at it’s history first, then appreciate using the final product for years to come.

And here are the AFTER shots……showing the final result.

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