$     A glimpse into our old Glue Spot workshop.

A glimpse into our old Glue Spot workshop.

Ever wonder what a restorer’s workshop should look like?
Well, I can’t say mine is perfect, but it SHOULD look something like what you’ll see here.

An abundance of old woods, relics from other furniture, aged and patinated to perfection, just awaiting the right piece in the door calling for their reuse. Our workshop is full of these, it’s our “rusty gold” on which we rely to do our work to full artisan level.
When working on an antique piece of furniture, the first thing in our minds is whether we have the materials required to do a proper job.
Sorry, new wood just does NOT cut it…. A restoration made with new wood today may look good… but it will age out. 10 years from now you WILL see the difference, trust me, I’ve been doing this since 1979 and apprenticed in Europe where it was common to work on pieces from the 16th and 17th centuries. I’ve seen what age does to previous repairs.
Have your antiques restored where they have the proper materials for restoration, not a simple repair shop.
Old chair stiles, doors, cupboard doors, drawers, drawer fronts, shelves, and even old legs and table tops here, in abundance.
There isn’t a job come in here in a decade we didn’t have the raw materials for restoration right away. And if we don’t have it… we’ll GET IT! We know where to look.
And of course, don’t forget the trusty GLUE POT… yup, we still use waxes, shellac and hide glue for our most prized restorations. Time tested, natural materials which have stood the test of time and history.
Bring your piece of history in for a quick appraisal and estimate and have it restored the RIGHT WAY the first time.
If you’re lucky, when you come in, we may have a few pieces we’ve restored here in the shop for viewing of our handiwork. A rare occurance, as we generally only restore on bespoke demand, but it is possible.

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