$     Antique tools and primitives auction LIVE now, closing Thursday Oct 18

Antique tools and primitives auction  LIVE now, closing Thursday Oct 18

• Antique tools and primitives auction LIVE now, closing Thursday Oct 18 twojjs.hibid.com
We are excited to present a very nice variety of old and antique tools and woodenware.
We purchased an estate from a family member of an antique dealer that used to go to Austria for his stock . He had a store in Mississauga years ago and was bringing over some very unique and desirable very ANTIQUE items… many dating from the 1700s.
In this auction you will find pieces dated and decorated from the 1700 through the 1800s, mostly European, but it also includes some great tool auctions. All items are hand made, hand forged, or hand decorated and very old.
• Date(s) 10/11/2018 – 10/18/2018
starts Thurs October 11th , 2018 at 6 pm ends Thursday Oct 18th 2018 8 pm (starts to close, auction completed by about 9:30 )

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• Full auction items list below.
Antiqe ice skates, wooden, metal blades
LOT, old tools hammers, pliers, axe head, screwdriver
old drill brace, works.
very OLD shears scissors, with catchall basin
antique pliers, special use
RARE Wheelwrights walking measuring wheel.
hand made scraper, 1800s
Twig cutter, very OLD, aged look, early 1900s
very large DRAW knife, 1800s, European
brass level , stamped and marked.
hand tool, unknown usage
small crimper, possibly cobblers, leather strap
large old wedge, heavy metal, seen lots of use
two hand made scissors, very crude.
Knife sharpener, stamped F, Dick, arrow mark
large mallet, auctioneers perhaps, cherry wood
large old knife, shows age and usage
Wood stick with rock, handmade, replica
small artisans hamer, red handle, leather one end
Ritchie shoe form stretcher.
wooden carpenters bevel square, antique
metal compass marker, very old
handled wool carder tool, Austrian
Two shoe forms, red handle, great display
folding carpenters ruler,
1868 antique wooden caliper, marked, austrian
STANLEY rule 8 antique wooden level
wooden balancing barbells, local highschools
antique hand made metal shears
Wood plane, decorated, Austria, not dated
moulding plane, missing blade. old finish
wood plane, flat blade, very nice, Austrian
large heavy mallet, wood, good overall
very large wooden plane, missing handle
Drill and hook, both very OLD
moulding plane, see profile picts,
beautiful hardwood mallet, all antique.
very OLD wooden drill brace, great display
old wooden level
LOT, three handmade forged tools, mid 1800s
brass gavel hammer, probably auctioneer or judge
old wood plane, 9 inches
antique mallet beekeeping tool
bullnose clamp, slides to hold or release
antique wood router tool, 1866 marked ddecorated
Austrian pulley, 1779, ancient tool, great look
double metal caliper, hand wrought
hand wrought forged tool, use unknown
hand made iron tool, Austria, use unknown
old spoke shave
very cool funky wooden mallet, LOOK at the head
austrian primitive carpenter small hand saw,
1846 marked austrian decorated hand plane
1868 carpenters square, Austrian marked
fishermans net mending tool hand made
large old spool bobbin from factory or mill
two carpenters specialty clamps
antique spool shave plane, very OLD, nice patina
hand made plane, flat
smaller plane, hand made, wooden
LOT, small hand tools,
hand plane, wood, with metal guide
LOT, great sharpening stones, some Arkansas
antique hand wrought trivot or tool, unknown
large heavy carver’s mallet, flat side and rounded
LOT, 6 Model T Ford ignition coils
Ice tongs, open to 16 inches, very cool
hand wrought old tool end, unknown use
RARE Stanley tool no. 45 metal plane
mallet, rounded head, heavy.
hammer mallet round turned wood, great look
Hook and chisel end, both hand wrought forged
1841 marked Austrian hand plane decorated
Antique American flintlock hammer, 1700s
cool old staple gun, unknown unmarked maker
beautiful austrian hammer from early 1800s
antique cabbage or veggie cutter mandolin
folding Stanley Boxwood ruler,
LOT, three folding rulers, one brass
handmade chisel and gouge
Austrian spice drawer hanging cabinet
Beatty Special Pump oil tin, very RARE
antique wooden bowl 11 inch
two antique pulleys from machines
sickle, knife and contraption
turned container, Austrian mid 1800s, very nice
LOT, small c clamps.
LOT 3 Jorgenson clamps, working.
bug sprayer, bright red. marked Chapin
two small oil cans with spouts.
antique carder cutter or what
antique mangle from Austria early 1800s
old brass blowtorch for plumbering
unknown antique austrian tool 1800s
small carpenters brace saw.
heavy mallet, for carpenter or other.
Shurhit ignition service box with drawers
unknown hand made meal tool clamp
antique moulding plane.
very OLD berry picker, handmade, nails
antique painted hanging salt box
antique butter or dough bowl, handmade
legal oilcan from gas station 1930-40s
very fine antique wrench.
hand carved butter mold, late 1800s, Austria
wooden scoop, flour or other, Austrian
large metal drill brace, very rustic look
unique perforated spatula
Shirley Deitrich Aitkins Saw. GALT ON.

very large long mallet, good character
LOT, box of old tools, various
Sargent co. nut butter cutter grinder no.5
LOT, old door sets, locks, handles
large old wooden scoop, late 1800s
round butter mold, carved, austrian 1900s
LOT, door handle lock hardware, various
forged crimping tool, very old, very cool look
LOT, handles and locks, for parts.
large flat wood scoop, austrian, good look
antique adze, excellent condition, original handle
old pick axe head, weather worn, LOOK
two old pulles, see sizes.
Beatty Bros. hay carrier, great look for lamps
very old knife sharpener, COOL, LOOK
Wagner sausage stuffer, 1859, PENN. USA
beautiful hand made saw, unique LOOK

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