$     collectible bikes, trikes, colson, werlich, CCM

collectible bikes, trikes, colson, werlich, CCM

A group of older bikes, very collectable.
old trike from Werlich, Preston, Ontario. Early maker here locally.
Original red paint, with steps behind, original wheels and in reasonable condition. circa 1930-40
Old trike made by Colson, in original condition, red colour, with deco style front fender, steps behind, original wheels, in very good condition. See the decal on the seat… made by Troxel, same maker as for Harleys. circa 1930-40 (not pictured here, but almost identical to the Werlich bike here shown. )
1960’s CCM Imperial Mark II bicycle. Original decals and colour. Good fenders, needs tubes. Good running condition otherwise.
also a little wire metal plant stand.

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