$     Deco Cabinet restored: from tornado victim to outstanding :-)

Deco Cabinet restored:  from tornado victim to outstanding :-)

A customer came in with a beaten up old deco wardrobe cabinet.
It had been picked up by a tornado and dropped two stories.
It’s a testament to it’s makers that it only looked like this when it arrived.
We proceeded to tear it apart and make it look like this in the end.
A nice walnut stain, some french polish, and it now sparkles and forget all about it’s stormy past 🙂
It wasn’t easy getting it there… here are some picts of the many steps of teardown, regluing, making new guides, drawer fixes, frame fixing, etc. etc.
A few pict of the mirror velvet french polish finish are included. Note the reflection of the hand in the side? that’s a nice, long lasting finish.

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