E. stopped in asking for some unusual parts for her christmas village.
I was intrigued and we talked about what she was wanting to do. After a few moments I realized she wanted to construct a mantle like shelf to hold many small houses (the village) and lights on the wall above her TV.
We rummaged around for a few moments, and found some great old barnboard to use for the shelf. It had the right look, and patina, and just the right size.
Next we needed some shelf brackets to mount to the wall. Presto, I had some old organ parts from the supporting columns which worked just great.
These were somewhat spare… so we dressed them up with two old brass knobs off an antique bed.
The result is shown above….. so with our great listening skills, a little thought, some wonderful parts, E.’s ideas and vision, and a little elbow grease the final product, as shown now.
Pretty slick, eh?
Do drop in with your ideas and chat… we can usually come up with something for your special desires, or get real close.

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