This setee has made a bit of a roundabout route to it’s final finished state.
It arrived from a spot in downtown Galt, Ontario.
We had it brought in by a client, and it looked like this when it arrived.

It was sold to a client of ours. She did not get around to restoring it for a while, and during that time, a nice set, almost identical, arrived. This one had the setee AND side chair and we indicated it’s arrival to her. She quickly snapped up the second set, and traded in this one. (Yes we have a great trade-in policy here, just ask, or view it online here. ) The other set was in a light blonde colour, wheras this one was a rich deep american black walnut colour. I think both she, and this setees future owner are getting great items.
This item needed to be restored, and since it is a setee and of somewhat slender design, it required proper gluing and ensuring all support points could again take new webbing, springs, and upholstery.
So… we set about dismantling it bit by bit, and ensuring all joints and glue blocks were solid again.
We took no shortcuts. EVERY joint was carefully cleaned, checked, and fitted ready for a proper gluing with our HIDE GLUE.
Luckily, the FINISH on this setee was in good condition, so we were able to leave the original patina AND finish on the piece, carefully working around it while gluing. This took some special care when clamping (needed small wood pads, and soft cloth), but well worth it.
Below are some of the steps in that process, from bits and pieces to clamped status to finished.
NOTE: notice the hide glue pot? The best results in glue joints is accomplised when the antique piece still has the original hide glue joints, and we can reapply hide glue again.
No mess, no fuss, no special cleanup, just have to ensure the joints are clean, and raw wood is exposed again before gluing up. We know this setee will now stand the test of time for many years to come without coming apart again.
Isn’t that what’s expected when you have an antique restored? We think it is, and should be.

Once glued and solid, we were able to touch up the finish with a quick FRENCH POLISH rag, and the shellac restored the finish to as good as original, with the added charm of 100+ years patina to enjoy.
Off it went to Eldon, our upholsterer, and in consult with him we picked a fine crinoline like fabric, in very BOLD Black and Gold colour along vertical strips to give it that “oh so quaint OLD” yet “very Moderne” look.
NOTE: unlike some shops, we do NOT just recover upholstery. The old horsehair, and straw is usually a MESS, and can hold mites, bugs, and odours. We replaced the webbing, and internal stuffing completely on this piece. We used the original springs as they were of very good quality and tested them for tension before reusing.
We will happily provide a 5 year guarantee on this setee to our client, on both workmanship and materials.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our FULLY restored pieces. We do NOT take short cuts here.

Yours now, just look for “setee” here on this website to find it for sale where you can BUY IT NOW 🙂

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