We came upon a discarded victorian couch one day.
A beautiful piece the owner obviously did not see the real value of. I spotted it right away.
Deal was made, Couch was mine. WOW, what a find.
This is a fine post-Empire victorian couch, a lovely 3 seater, of expquisite construction.
The carving is exceptionally crisp and clear, and SOLID. This couch will last another Hundred years.
A customer of ours spotted the potential right away and imagined it should look like this.


So we estimated the work, and got right on it.
First we tore apart the old couch, getting it ready for the woodwork and upholsterer.

We handed the upholstered parts off to our upholsterer, Eugene, to prepare while we fixed and finished the woodwork to get ready for finishing.
We paid special attention to the maker, “Koenig”‘s instructions for his finisher. He states it should be done in medium walnut colour, with no stain. We followed his original instructions.
The wood has anged well over 140 years now and has developed a rich medium walnut colour so it was a snap to retain the original intentions.
Since the couch was never mistreated, other than torn upholstery, this job was fairly simple. It only needed a few small veneer repairs, and a a thorough cleaning.
We proceeded to finish in in the original syle, with a clear hand-rubbed french polish shellac finish, and it came out lovely.
Here are some picts of various parts in progress.

And the finished product result is this.
We’re proud to have been involved in the restoration of this fine piece with our client. This is one piece that deserves another run at a long life. Definetly not for the discard pile, eh?


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