$     M1 $1 per POUND Books Antique & modern

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Price: $1
yup, better than a bookstore, stronger than a library clearance sale…. better than your average Thrift stores !

•at our old beverly street location I was famous for our $1/LB book section with over 10,000 books on hand every day. We sold thousands of books.

•It’s BACK,
•The best bargain in books in the region.
•We have the books, we have the scale, you have the reading thirst.

•and i’m busy finding shelf space to increase my $1/LB book area once again.

•Currently many good OLD antique books (some from mid 1800s), and modern books by Grisham, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and many more on hand.
•Reference books, fiction, non-fiction, Time-Life collections, Art Books, Coffee table books, furniture, etc.

•Come and browse every week as we add more every day. The pictures here are a sample of today’s offering, it will change daily.

•And many happy reads to you all.