$     Mahogany Vanity with Mirror, from England to Alberta to Ontario, to potting shed, to your fine Home.

Here’s how it’s done. 🙂
A client moved to Ontario recently, and had been dragging around this old vanity she purchased from an antique dealer out West.
Sounds like it had made it’s way from England through Eastern Canada all the way out to Alberta, and back to Ontario. Final resting place: a backyard shed storage area here in Cambridge.
Looks like in all that time no-one had taken the time to restore it. It was caked in years and various coats of old brown varnish.
Amazing, a piece goes through at least 4-5 decades without ever getting a refresh. Original finish, YES when it’s a good finish.
NO, when it makes the piece look like junk.
So This is what I saw in my mind’s eye when I took this piece off my client’s hands. I thought it would look like this 🙂
To get it to this point would take some doing, given we start with what is shown below.
So here’s what it looked like coming into the workshop.

Well to get this together we’re going to need smarts, skill, glue and clamps of course.
Here’s our trusty glue pot to the rescue, heating up and getting ready to do some real work.
Besides the drawer fronts, guides, hardware and more……  one part needed special attention. The TOP of the vanity.  A huge crack had formed.  More due to improper construction techniques rather than wood instability.   We had to fix that, as well as straighten out the top (it had a bad warp too).
That mountain of clamps and parts you see is the various parts of this vanity glued up and awaiting drying for further work.

After many hours of getting everything just right…. here’s the result.
This piece can travel well into the future knowing it had a busy past, but an illustrious future ahead.

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