$     over 100 vintage film reels 16mm feature films from 1930-40s

over 100 vintage film reels 16mm feature films from 1930-40s

UPDATED: tried to update the old listing here…. I think most of the list is available today.
We came across a large group of old vintage film reels.
All 16 mm film reels, mostly metal, some with original galvanized metal canisters. Some canisters for single, double, and multiple reels.
Great stuff.
here’s a quick list of what we found so far.
Single reel films:
Songs of Fanny Crosby
Call of the Navajo
Four star Music in the night.
Felling of Rejection
Float Plane, bush pilot, parts 1 and 2
The night they killed Rasputin (1 of 2)
Zippy the Chimp
Tom & Jerry, Joint wipers
Krazy Kat with Katnip
Straw Hat
Castle films cartoon , unknown.
Gandy Goose, bully romance.
Lost Continent – Wnd Jammers
Stray lamb
Andy’s gang.
Two reel films:
The return of the plainsman
mutiny ahead
jngle treasure
the most precious thing in life
the devil plays
Streets of new york
strange impersonations
stars over arizona
call of the forest
the roaming cowboy (hopalong?)
undercover agent
johnny holiday
hopalong rides again
Three REEL films:
baron of arizona
the great dan patch
bar 20 justice (hopalong)
lets make a wish.
Do call or drop in soon if you might have any interest in these, as they should go pretty quick.
Any films which are red, or damaged, we will gladly sell as decorative reels.

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