An Antique Store with a difference: We love to get weird and funky items in every day. Not your grandma’s store, China and Glass not on hand. But Salvage, Furniture, Industrial, Shabby and Barn finds abound. Come visit soon 🙂

HERE are some of our featured items across various categories. Happy shopping 🙂

Large Lead Glass Window, Green and Rose Colours
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_1-05389 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Overall good condition, has a small break but can be repaired Large lead glass…

Small Brass Key Hole Estucheons With Ornate Design
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_3-02993 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Good Small brass estucheons/covers with ornate design. Uses 2 small screws and size between…

Flattened Oval Shaped Amber Glass Bottle
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_4-03135 FEATURED Circa: VintaheCondition: very good Flattened Oval shaped amber glass bottle, 25 ounces, Trade W mark. Raised…

Round Wooden Industrial Foundry Mold Mould, #510
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_5-03258 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Very good Round wooden industrial foundry mold mould, #510. •  Grey, red and yellow colours.…

Large Noxzema Poster Advertising Chapped Hands Lovelier Overnight Medicated Care
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_6-03286 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Fair Large Noxzema for Chapped Hands poster with two lovely young ladies. Frame is…

Large Arched Stained Glass Lead Window In Thick Wood Frame, Textured Glass
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_6-03339 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Small broken glass in botttom glass - see pics Large arched stained glass lead…

Advertising Large Oval Wooden Hanging Hat Decorative Sign
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_7-03412 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Good - some slight smudges, could use a paint refresher Large oval wooden hanging…

Antique German Strongbox, Center Key, 8 Latches Plus Lock Bolts, 17th Century
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_9-03558 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: excellent for age... some weld repairs to locking mechanism, working well, closes, opens. One…

Antique Miniature Sample Cabinet Maker s Oak Table 1900
Green Spot Antiques


SKU : GS_11-03602 FEATURED Circa: 1900's - 20'sCondition: Good condition. great patina. •  Antique Miniature Cabinet Maker's Salesman's Sample  •  Oak Drop Leaf…