A gentleman brought in two doors from an old sideboard.
The sideboard was once grain-painted in the fancy Oak grained design some call “fumed oak”. This is a design which is painted onto pine (or other wood) to simulate the look of true quarter-sawn oak which is fumed with ammonia to bring out the highlights in the grain.
Sadly, both doors had been badly battered, and required repair.
The top surface had already been stripped of the oak graining.
See this picture for how they arrived.

We quickly looked through our vast collection of old wood for pieces for repair. As usual, we turned up an exact match for this repair. Same Maple wood outer, same patina, and EVEN THE SAME wood grained finish on the other side.
Like this.
With this amount of stock of old wood we have here, it was a simple task to match the woods, and repair the doors. The result obtained makes it almost impossible to tell the doors have been “fixed” now.

Yup, we work that well, here at Green Spot Antiques.
Restoring Antique furniture since 1979, and still loving it. 🙂
If you require repairs for an antique piece feel free to drop in and chat, or even arrange to view our workshop. You will find your prized items treated in a most excellent manner, with full respect for materials and workmanship here.

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