$     Salvaged items, scoops, grates, windows, concrete figure

Salvaged items, scoops, grates, windows, concrete figure

A very nice old concrete boy figure… in a pose like the little old dutch boy (paint advertising)… unsure of age, but sure looks old.
A long chain of scoops from old farm equiptment… makes great wall hangers for all sorts of stuff. buy them in groups of 2 or more… we’ll arrange to cut the chain, and they are really easy to hang.
More cold air return floor grates, and hot air wall grates.
a nice mushroom metal table base… ask us to supply you with an old wood top, we have plenty…. for that special look.
a pair of old windows in original mounting frame…. will make a great display cabinet when we knock out the glass, and add some internal shelving….. ask us to discuss your special wants for this one before we start work.
more hardware…. an old solid brass door knocker.
An old ladder, we’re selling lots of these now… so act fast, won’t last long.

An old boat oar
AND… a huge 5 foot barn wheel… all cast metal and weighs a ton…… great size, hard to find.

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