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Walnut Postmaster Style Desktop, With Cubbies And Drawer 1870s Galt
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SKU : GS_1-06037 FEATURED Circa: 1870Condition: Very good condition This cubpoard was built by Hector Stewart, from Galt, Ontario ,…

Antique Oak China Display Cabinet, Wood Carving, Lead Glass, Bowed Front , Mirror
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SKU : GS_1-06062 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Good condition Antique oak china display cabinet, wood carving, lovely bevelled mirror.  The top of…

Antique Oak China Display Curio Cabinet, Curved Glass Sides, Top Mirror
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SKU : GS_6-06164 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Good condition Antiique oak china display cabinet, with curved glass sides, the top back…

Folk Art British Bus, Made Of Tin, Hand Painted And Made
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SKU : GS_2-06237 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: as found what a cutie.  •  A british style bus, hand made and painted.  •  Made of sheet…

Mission Style Hanging Slag Glass Metal Porch Or Hallway Lamp
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SKU : GS_2-06254 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: as found, as is Mission style arts and crafts hanging lantern for porch or…

Pine Harvest Style Table, Made From Recycled Lumber And Parts
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SKU : GS_2-06256 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: ready to use. A very large pine harvest table.  •  Made from recycled parts, legs, sides,…

Solid Oak Dining Arm Chair, Decorative Wood Carving, Leather Seats and Backs
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SKU : GS_5-05584 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Overall very good condition, some have some of the leather seating is loose. Solid…

Vintage Decorative Hanging Light Ceiling Fixture, Leaf Candle Design
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SKU : GS_5-05589 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: Very good condition Vintage decorative hanging light ceiling fixture, green and gold coloring. •  The…

5646 Antique Hand Forged Door Lock And Key Set 1700s
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SKU : GS_5-05646 FEATURED Circa: VintageCondition: antique, good condition A nice early latchbolt set, ornate design with long strap lock…