$     "Thrift" – the bridge between Antiques, Recycling, Salvage, and EARTH

This is a great article which points to “THRIFT” as perhaps the bridge word between antiques, being green, recycling, and salvaging. — at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/mar/09/greenpolitics

it is entitled “Our worrying loss of love for the antique”


* Nick Cohen

* The Observer, Sunday 9 March 2008

Have a look, I had a few good moments of reflection after.

It lead to our increasing promotion of our Trade-in policies, a greater push on “consignment” acceptances, and a “save on tax” linked to the trade-ins we now promote more heavily.

Green was in our genes, so no change in that aspect..

as recyclers, salvagers, with a bent for the antique side of things, I would think that we are all somewhat “thrifty” (if not cheap 🙂

That is a GOOD thing, like being a “greenspotter” , a “thrifter” is one who contributes to our onging survival on earth, rather than squanders our future.

I wonder if his conclusion about being ‘green’ as a luxury is on the money?

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